Do you know who you want to be, what’s your final goal, your spiritual achievement? To answer these questions, you have to be aware of what your most important values are. Values define what we think is important and show us which goals can be reached. Values are what people think is good or bad, […]


Let’s choose our behaviour

“Effective actions depend on important decisions”.   We all dream about happiness. We were born with it. It doesn’t matter where we were born, our culture or religion, whether we’re rich or poor, beautiful or ugly. Everybody can be happy, because happiness is our natural state. A deep knowledge of who we are as people

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“Tell me what you do with what you have and I’ll tell who you are” I love uselessness because it makes me aware of how important useful things are. To a businessman, the quantity of projects he’s invited ambitiously to take part in is one key aspect. Many of them are valuable, some of them

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Being special

“Unique and unrepeatable” You think you know everything but you know nothing. You think you know nothing but you know everything. Reality is what we think of and trust to make decisions and live according to it. What we believe influences our life completely, we’re bound to decisions made in one direction only, always with

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Numbers 10

“You wear a number 10, but you missed the penalty” Think of a situation of the past when you lost and now realize that you didn’t give your best. That’s right, you already knew it as you were experiencing that moment; maybe you were tired, unmotivated and/or maybe not so much focused or not enough

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