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The Meeting

“Walking together towards the unknown” I meet 60 new people each week, never seen before with whom I face a lot of educational and informational issues due to my business. Th most interesting activities in these situations are confrontation/listening, quality I exercise every day and develop to reach a deeper understanding of people and of

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“Serving others is to contribute in some way to make this world better” Contamination is a very powerful word, though used negatively most of times: soil, mar, corruption, pollution. This words lead to the idea that someone/something with ugliness and/or illnesses is prone to infecting someone/something else. Saying this word makes lot of people shivering,

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Food for thought

“Feed yourself to feed the world” We spend a lot of time and we invest lots of money to eat and drink well, based on our affordability, every day, more than once a day. We remember grandma’s first fruits and the luckiest one will also remember how good cooks their mamas were. Nowadays, we even

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Synonym: preparation Contrary: improvisation Every battle, with careful analysis, preparation and strategy, can be won even before it is fought. One day I took part in an extraordinary event, hosted by one of the most renowned entrepreneurs and trainers. He reached extraordinary goals and decided to share his strategies with those who really wanted to

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Time to grow up

“Act now” Once in a lifetime, almost everyone takes part into training courses or faces situations where life wants to teach us something. When an issue is particularly interesting, either because it’s the first time we learn it or because we remember how important it is, we write it down to remember it forever. Some

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Be transparent to ask for transparency In most cases, our personal and professional actions do not only influence our life, but also the life of a small or larger group of people. We’re engaged, we make our best out of it, and we try to bring our community an added value trough our work. Everybody’s

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Live Words

How many well acquainted people talk about something they don’t know anything about? How many, on the contrary, talk about what they know? How many people talk about what they know and things they do and share their own concepts of human-interest? If you know some of them, you’ll probably have heard words I like

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What’s your style?

We meet new people everyday, at first they are strangers and any future relations is mostly determined by that first encounter. Unconsciously and bravely, mostly as non-expert, we face these meetings. These missed occasions… how many times did we miss the chance to deepen these relations just because we acted in the wrong way? We’re just

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