Breath with the Givers Gain

Here I am…during my morning meditation, thinking about how important breathing is..

Breathing in is a sign of gratitude towards life, for the chance to live for one moment more… breathing out as trust towards life, which hopefully gives us more air to live on.

Breathing in and breathing out, our most natural act since we were born: it is so automatic that we don’t think about it. Actually we undervalue it most of the times or we even pollute it, above all when we don’t understand the real value of life and well-being.

Our vital flux exhales with our last breathing: once we breathe out, nothing comes back. In that moment, in that very moment, we realize how that simple act has been the most symbolic and fundamental act of our life.

Givers Gain = givers who gain, just like breathing. Giving with Trust and Receiving with Gratitude.

Referral Marketing is based on daily acts which make a difference. They start from us, unconditionally, for others’ good, without expecting nothing in return.

Out of the blue then, one day, someone comes with a gift for us, our technical term being “reference”.

Starting to ask, sell, pretend is the business old school: all over the world, people teach businessmen how to it best, promoting manipulation systems for customers, who fall in their trap with benefits for sellers only.

I really know them, I’ve been a manager and a businessman for many years and I had to use those tools for the only goal: the turnover. I was a professional in this field, I exercised everyday to be the best.

Today, when I meet someone, I always say that “Right Here, Right Now” has been a life-changing vision for me as a man and as a businessman. I felt like had a new life where I finally was ware that any life experience so far got me “Right Here, Right Now”.  Now I breathe more naturally and it is beneficial for my whole body.

The value of the individual is the core of any relation to me: when dealing with someone, there is no one-way direction (Supplier towards Customer), but a two-way (Supplier – Customer – Supplier). The awareness that 3 is better than 2 is important as realizing that the promotional activity of one’s business is linked to a third element, the Referral Partner (Supplier – Referral Partner – Customer).

We should always be the Referral Partner of someone, because that figure is at the core of Referral Marketing.

Givers gain is a starting point to be aware of fist and going in-depth later, until it becomes a part of yourself.

In BNI as well as in ASENTIV (if you want more information CLICK HERE), we are very familiar with this idea and we develop it, so that every professional can get an advantage for their business, for their own good and that of their referral partners and the community.

Trust and Gratitude, Givers Gain to make a difference on what I like to call….

….. The Road for Good.


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