Children of today, Enlightened Businesspeople of tomorrow

65% of children attending primary school today will be employed in a job that doesn’t exist yet.

Did you ever think some years ago, that a bunch of guys would become a billionaire with a platform like You Tube? Did you ever think of Web Influencers or Data Scientists?

It’s real jaw-dropping statistics and it blows your mind about where and how much to engage for our future and that of our families. Many are indifferent to the news, many cast doubt on it, but the Enlightened Businesspeople want to increase their competitive advantage. To this purpose, they start market research with professionals from diverse fields; at first the players will be confused but through a good brainstorming ideas will be then assessed and put into practice.

A real brain-alliance in an empowering environment for a project larger than the company alone, which can open up doubtful minds and really support the common good to reach its maximum expansion.

Digital transformation will be evolving and changing the job market every 3-5 years. Training and education alone won’t keep up with it. For this reason, the person is the real focus to work on, and developing new attitudes already in children must be a priority.

There is already a great number of ambitious projects dealing with international training for toddlers up to youngsters entering the job market. The main road will be freedom of expression as inspiration for individual Talents and skilful Masters will set their Energies free, to be channelled into the right direction to fulfil self-realization.

Today’s Enlightened Businesspeople are those who can find inspiration from today’s children to act for the better and pave the way for tomorrow’s Enlightened Businesspeople.

The “Belief” born within every new successful professional will branch out aware that it acts for the best so that every action will be unique and unrepeatable. These people are ready to inspire and be inspired. All this will lead to personal happiness and harmony, with a personal and social well-being. Together with other Enlightened Businesspeople, they will act to play their part in this new world.

Enlightened Businesspeople in the future will act according to what they believe is the Truth. Saying YES to oneself, people are ready to give to the others.


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