I decide to live

“Everything has a reason”

It takes courage to live your life.

Life seems given for granted, we were born to live someone else’s habits taught to grow inside ready-made behaviours in an institutional world of knowledge. Most of times we do what society tells us we must do, but the reason is often unknown.

A strong feeling burns inside us when we do what we like and enhance our value. Inside us, there is a burning desire of all our most hidden ambitions, those we think impossible to realize. Everything lasts till a moment of weakness occurs, maybe an voice from outside or even worse from inside. Right then, lights go out and we risk falling back into normality. When this happen react, even physically, head up and straight shoulders; keep a smile on your face and your eyes on the future, for impossible as it may seem now you now you can make it, with the right attitude.

That’s right, we can make our dreams come true, provided we believe in them, either by ourselves or with someone who wants to live them too. What matters is being aware, believing and acting to make it come true.

Faith, a relentless persistence and a clear direction will turn us into fulfilled human beings, more aware and happier.


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