“Less time = more time”

Time ticks away for all of us: seconds, minutes, hours, days and even years. The difference is what you make of the time you’ve been given. For example, a team is given a work to accomplish in a certain amount of time: just watch how every single member reacts. That’s what I observed recently, as supervisor in an Italian university. I acknowledge the high potential of that classroom, professionals were there to accomplish their work successfully, their engagement was evident and everybody was doing his/her best.

Even on that ideal occasion, differences stood out, not depending on skills, not mostly. Attention and engagement marked the line, not to mention the shallowness of some wise-guys. Inner distraction can be stronger than external ones. An American friend of mine, a university teacher, would call them “the amateurs” (his students don’t love him so much, but he’s always right, that’s why only the best choose HIM for their dissertations). The mind attitude with the proper focus on the activity to carry out and the right use of your skills make the difference on those occasions, or better, make us different.

Statistics show an average increase of available time by 2/3rd when we work properly. How good this is…. so please think about it: if we act the right way, if we focus on what we do, there will be no more distractions, time will be on our side to do what we really like and to make our wishes come true.


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