Food for thought

“Feed yourself to feed the world”

We spend a lot of time and we invest lots of money to eat and drink well, based on our affordability, every day, more than once a day.

We remember grandma’s first fruits and the luckiest one will also remember how good cooks their mamas were.

Nowadays, we even travel in Italy and abroad to find the most exclusive restaurants that meet our inspiration.

We eat anyway, anywhere, just eat…or better, just eat and drink.

The quality of the nourishment for our body has long been the focus of researches and global interests: there are actually many book and super-professionals and experts advising the best culinary paths to follow.

Some time ago, during a blind dinner for the participants of one of my Incentive courses for the companies, I met a chef who was a revelation to me for what he told me at the end of the dinner:

“You know, Andrea, I feel responsible for good cooking and I want to share this with all the future chefs I train, we are more responsible than doctors themselves. Think about it… We met people every day, a lot of people cross our life. We tell them to open their mouths to eat food they don’t known where it comes from and how it is cooked and they even have to pay for this.”

Strange but true…An extreme act of trust from customers, everywhere in the world, everyday of their lives, towards those who work behind the scenes, in the kitchen.

To nourish our body with quality food and drink is the major focus for us. What about our mind however? Since I was a boy, I’ve always been devoted to knowledge, because of my natural-born curiosity and for survival necessity: the more you know, the better it is. I also acknowledge ,unconsciously then, with more and wore awareness today, that “food for thought” is our best and important resource.

If we think properly, we can decide properly and eat consequently.

Let’s engage in reading our first important book, the one of the path we’re following, the direction we’ve taken.

A clear vision of our path will be helpful to make the best decision in terms of time investment and, also, the food for our thought.

It may take five hours, if your read it in one shot or five-six days for one chapter a day. Don’t exceed a month time; if you read one book a month you’ll have read 12 books by the end of the year, 120 books in ten years’ time and 600 in fifty years. By then, you’ll be experts of the topic you’ve focused on.  Start now, make up your mind, and if you don’t belong to those few readers who start and end a whole book, start Here and Now! (Extract from the book “Here and Now”, book link).

Books are not our only reference, but they’re also a good start to become interested and devoted to other refinements, more or less exclusive.

To improve, society need people richer in knowledge and awareness.


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