Good Organization

“Think, decide, do”

Good organization makes a difference. Every night, before going back to your family, take the time to set your goal for tomorrow. Pay attention and consider each target importance (I use 3 grades to highlight the priority) plus decide when to accomplish it. A good rule is to start with the most important target, which is usually the most difficult task, and that’s why you have to tackle it with all your energies. Just tick off the task once you have completed it, you will realize how much you have done and if you are keeping track with your targets.

P.S: Unexpected events must be taken into consideration, as well, so always save some time for them.+

All distractions must be erased, especially the worst and useless ones.

Having your time off is important to regain the proper concentration,  and each one of us has a suitable activity to gain the proper mind asset. Success will be determined by how many targets you tick off by the end of the day, so that you can plan more for the days to come. At first you may plan too many targets than the one you can really accomplish, it is just healthy competition. Don’t worry about it, you will find your pace naturally; I always suggest 21 days as a challenge to find a new habit to make practice with and find the right pace.

The gauge is your well-being and the satisfaction coming from the pursuit of your bigger target, into which all the daily activities are channeled.

Good habits open up to success, bad habits are a pitfall to failure: Filling your time with good organization is the key to do much more and better!


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