Hit the target

“Like a sniper ”

Some weeks ago I had a business lunch with a famous businessman of Como. I asked him how he could manage to be so successful with his company over the last years: he smiled, looked me in the eyes and said “The core is, hit the target”. 

“You know, Andrea, I spent years investing in different business ideas, just to earn money, engaging with  diverse professionals in diverse worldwide sites that seemed to offer the best business opportunities. At first everything was alright, but then business would slow down and failed. So much engagement for nothing. I decided to stop, to do nothing, to focus on me and the things that could satisfy me, that could please me and make me feel alright. My search was hard, but I found what I needed and …you know…it had always been there, inside me. I started from there with the best focus ever, engaging my time to get ready and invest all my money. No fears, just courage despite the obstacles along the road. One day, as I was coming back home, I really felt fine, for the first time, I was fine with myself, I was satisfied with what I was doing and realized that was the right way. People interested in my projects would contact me, customers started to answer my offers thanking me for the solutions I would offer. The more I grew, the more the suppliers would find me complements and services at competitive prices. When we do what we like, we can express our real emotions. Our intentions just do good to people around us, who fall in love with our projects. We catch the heart and the feeling of those who share our vision, our energies vibrate on the same frequencies. What was happening was my desire when I took that break. I just decided to hit the target, the very target, myself, as precise as possible”.

If we want our life to change, we have to change first to grow up and accept the responsibility of living our own destiny and play the main role.


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