Live Words

How many well acquainted people talk about something they don’t know anything about?

How many, on the contrary, talk about what they know?

How many people talk about what they know and things they do and share their own concepts of human-interest?

If you know some of them, you’ll probably have heard words I like to define “live”, representing a personal experience.

Look at the results of your interlocutors to really understand who’s the person in front of you.

World is full of people who imitate others, sometimes they play social vital roles and keep on putting on that fake mask up to the point when they break down when responsibility comes.

The higher the business/political/social hierarchy, the harder it is to find someone who tells the truth”.

“The Emperor has no clothes, the emperor has no clothes” is the renowned quote of the child in the novel “The Emperor’s New Clothes”  by Hans Christan Andersen.

Usually it is hard someone who goes against common sense, who is ready to show the truth because you have to put your cards on the table, you have to engage too much. At the same time, living consistently with your own way of thinking is quite engaging and therefore hard to express.

Why should you expose yourself then?

Referral Marketing (if you want more information CLICK HERE) is based on transparent, sincere and live relations between people. Each member is engaged to help another one, giving is therefore the spontaneity of sharing with people we really estimate.

Each relation developed on “dead” word, deprived of any meaning and honest contents, is due to expire or, in the best cases, to survive until a brave and pure individual will speak out: the Emperor has no clothes!

From that moment everything is over…. the trust, on which the relation was based, has gone forever.

In referral network, each one of us a  privileged seat. Barriers and limits have been smoothed or reduced, so that everyone can start a relation with any professional needed, may they be close or far away. For this reason, it is important to be consistent with what you say and what you do to have a competitive advantage.

WANTED people, first of all, and professionals who show what they do in each thought, word and action.

Live words make us free people,


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