Non standard

“Being normal to become special… daring”

The first step to reach a goal is to believe in it yourself, even before anyone does.

Believing that something off the charts can happen is the first step to realize something exceptional never done before.

Would Edison have tried 5000 times if he hadn’t really believed to make a bulb?

The madness of those who make non-standard decisions in given situations is the key to successful people, unique, who can really make special things.

Realism, the path of mediocrity, gives space to vision, a daytime dreamer of something never done before, an exceptional reason to imagine how to create things at best.

It is not a gift given to few, it lies inside each one of us as an sign of simplicity, normality  and authenticity since we were born. Daring makes the difference, our thoughts must be free to be alive.

Life quality depends on the quality of our thoughts: nothing is worse than getting bogged down to an ordinary life just because you think you don’t deserve an extraordinary one.


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