The Truth

“I’m dreaming of a perfect world”

You can lie everybody but yourself. Well, yes, sometimes we still try to tell ourselves a lie. We look at the mirror and reassure ourselves depending on how and what make us feel good. We may be confident, but the more we do it, the more our mind believes it. Until one day, a smile or a grimace of shame tells the mirror the truth, our inner self realizes it and either we smile or feel discouraged. The truth always come out…always. If it so, what can we do? The answer is easy, let’s be clear with ourselves when faced with the truth. Let’s take our responsibilities and cope with the predicament as soon as it arises. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, our efforts will be repaid if they are for good.

Facing the truth means expressing ourselves at best, because we trust opportunities and take steps towards our self-realization. The scenario will be the most beautiful of our life because life itself wants the best from us and we can make it only if we are aware. Moreover, facing the truth helps us remembering what our real choices are. How would the world look like if everyone acted like me?


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