Win, always

“You can”

You can win, always! It looks like a paradigm but is a hard fact from a winning mindset and it takes shape with the experience of practicing it.

As a sportsman, I’ve faced this challenge a lot of times, and I’ve also witnessed it. Challenges to reach a goal are on the daily agenda in your work, as well….and this is true for everybody. Difference between a defeat and a victory is the attitude we face a challenge with, but, above all, the attitude we see it through…  until one minute after the end.

95% of people in the world give up as soon as the result of a competition is against them, they get demotivated, their mind gets tired and so does their body… it’s over…

Bad luck, someone else’s blame, anybody and everything are scapegoats for the defeat. They look at the half-empty glass and already taste consolation.

This is going to take them to a real defeat, blessed with a final “I knew…/I told you…”.

5% of admirable people look at events as opportunities, a chance to grow up in any case. The outcome is only their responsibility and, for this reason, they give all of themselves always, until the end and beyond.  The glass is always full, of liquids and/or solids but sometimes it is filled with air: the air itself makes a difference because that’s where the enemy is going to hit.

Yet, no, as long as the game is on, keep on playing, because every chance can be the good one to be on the lead and win the match.

Never miss an occasion, you’ll never get it back, what we experience is “Here and Now”, with no return.

We must do it for ourselves, for the people we love and encourage us, but also for the unknown people, because we could be their inspiration and point of reference, we may involve them in the right growth and development path for a better world.

The extraordinary events do happen and when this 5% of world population reach its goal, everything changes and even the negative people shine on and everything has a meaning.

You can always win! When we give all of ourselves… always …. getting the best from every occasion.

When the defeat is seen as a chance to grow up, an opportunity to reach more and more important goals, our attitude will benefit from it, agreement will come both from outside and inside and extraordinary things will happen, extra energies will come as well.

I do believe it!


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