Enlightened Businesspeople

Each one of us is a leader: besides our social and professional position, we can all be Enlightened businessmen/women.

Welcome to this Blog, which will help us growing up, sharing our experiences, our way of being ourselves without compromises for the better of our next of kin. We’re ready to give our best, we’re ready to be a difference to really make a difference, helping the world to become a better place to live.

An Enlightened Businessperson is someone who, becoming aware, is taking his/her own decision and all the responsibility deriving from it, with no excuses.

The Enlightened Businessperson looks toward the infinite. We’re not going where anyone else is going, we want to grow up, invent and go beyond what is known so far. Challenges define our way of living.

Enlightened Businesspeople engage to win together with the others, not only for Ethics, albeit a key point; they do it, because the real focus is how much satisfaction is created by their Success.

Other’s people happiness guides ours, in a real virtuous circle.

Engaging in winning the challenge of realization is an act of Responsibility.

“When nothing is certain, Enlightened Businesspeople will be visionaries first and forerunners later on, looking for Happiness as free people”.

Success to us is gradually realizing our ideals, regardless of how different they may be. If ideals have a common goal and shared vaues, they can really change the world for the better.

Inside each Enlightened Businessman/woman beats a brave heart, ready to fight for his/her own life and ready to die for the others.

As people curious of the world we’re living in, we love sharing what we find out and learn, to help others growing up. We are ready to commit ourselves, using our name, surname and anything useful for showing our credibility and reliability.

“How can we help the others selflessly and creating a real value for them?”

Entrepreneurial work is like a mission to give life a meaning, to look to the world one day in the future and say: I did it myself.

Enlightened Businesspeople want their work to grow along with their dreams and ambitions, to offer real benefits and advantages to their final users. All this comes even before profits.

“To improve, society needs the inspiration of people richer in knowledge and awareness”

Some of the issues we’re going to discuss are still unknown to me, because life itself gives us new experiences every day. My ideas may change, and for this reason I may consider something I said as wrong. All I am sure of, is that I’m going to share all this for the common good, deeply respecting the others, although always stating my truth. This may be disappointing for someone, irrelevant for others, but I hope it will really be inspiring for most of you.

“A person can grow up only walking along with other people”

Enlightened Businesspeople are first of all aligned with their self and then balanced with their personal and professional life, balanced with themselves. Their well-being doesn’t come only from their actions, but from the actions they share with other businesspeople who share their same mind. This creates a real value born from their quality Relations. First, they listen to themselves to learn how to listen to the others in an ongoing dialogue with their relation network for sharing potentials and create an Ethical Business which is collaborative, generative and whose focus is on the person.

My promise is just the word of a man who had to face his weaknesses and fears, has overcome them and now knows how to comfort other people. I thank my God, my parents, my family, my friends and those who are still strangers to me: they may want to share their experiences, their words so that I can listen to them and their silences so that I can meditate on them.

“How would the world look like if everyone acted like me?”

I want to be here, as the man who, aware of his responsibility, decides to act to share his added value with the world.

If not I, who? If not now, when? And facing challenges, how can I react? Capitan, o my Capitan… Right here and Right Now, now and forever.

I do believe it! I am here! Andrea “Enlightened Businessman”.

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