From a group to a team

A group works together, but a team is something different, more complex, more powerful and refined.


A group is made up of people who work to pull a rope together, but a team is something different, more powerful and refined. It is a group of people with different skills who share the same goal with specific roles. A group of friend is not a team. A school class is not a team.

The decision always starts from the individual. Each one of us can decide to be the first to work for a team building if there is none yet and can boost it to act for the best. It takes a team alignment, that is decision, vision, example, support and sharing.

A team is as one, is a unique agglomerate: 1+1 in a team is always more than 2, at least 3. Together you win, you love, you move.

Each member of a team has a goal, but the means to reach it is the team. If someone is in trouble, everyone is in trouble. When life or work shakes you up, the team together is stronger and can overcome any obstacle; in most cases, they even benefit from it.

A team can have many leaders, because it is a social unit, where it is possible to have one or more leaders.

Great projects are led by intentions and motivations and only after built with money. The contrary doesn’t work, because the budget is not a starting point, not even the finish line. Budget is only a mean. In these case, big teams work and win over time because they have big goals and solid projects of those who stay in the team and lay its foundation. It is a concrete made of dreams and emotions of those who belong to the team.

Everything depends on the team, on people of great talent, who polish each other working day by day along  the only existing way, their dream.

“A vision without a plan is a dream, a plan without a vision is a nightmare”.

In my life I have decided to work only in and with a team, what about you?


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