“Lessons from the best ones”

We are really a lucky generation. We have everything, anything, even history to teach us lessons. We have any kind of information at our disposal, if we just wanted to learn this wisdom and make it our own.

If you read 5 to 10 pages a day, you can read a book in a month, 12 books in a year, 120 in 10 years and 600 in 50 years. By doing this, you will become a real expert in your field. What if you read up to 15 – 20 pages a day?! Daily decisions can change your life forever…now that would be great!

My mornings are devoted to my personal readings, because my mind is void of thoughts, it is more fertile and my family is still sleeping. After my morning exercises, this is my preparation to meditation. You can choose the moment you like better, just set one and engage passionately and constantly.

Starting with the topic you are most interested in will help, even better if you find someone to share your passions with, so that you can inspire each other.

First learn it, than practice it. This is a great step forward, fundamental to become the real players, to act your way and to have a say; maybe, one day you will contribute to the evolution of someone’s way of thinking, always following the path of education.

All around the world are wise men of any age, who are ready to teach you something. Open up your eyes, and take the opportunity to become a better person, happier and better educated.