“Tell me what you do with what you have and I’ll tell who you are”

I love uselessness because it makes me aware of how important useful things are.

To a businessman, the quantity of projects he’s invited ambitiously to take part in is one key aspect. Many of them are valuable, some of them exclusive, but as many are useless and far away from your target.

Business is business and sometimes you’re prone to develop the most engaging projects. Right then, however, you have to stop and consider if they belong to your growth plan.

It takes courage and sometimes, most times, you have to say no. Business is Business, but when your values do not vibrate along with the ideas of the project, just stop to decide that no is the best answer. The same is true for the partners you engage with: at first everyone is welcome, but when results are changing in time and the balance is negative, only a focused selection of people and choices can make the real difference. Being reliable for your decisions means enhancing the values of what is useful, as a completion of what you already have to express yourself at best.

The essence is enhancing your path as the father of your decisions and the mother of  your reason to live.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said: “I don’t want your charity but your wastes and we will feed the world with them”.

In a world where wastes are the main rule, people crave for something always new and exclusive.

Two ways for interpreting the same condition for one concept only: it doesn’t matter what you have, but you do with what you have honouring what you believe in.


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