“Difference between mediocrity and excellence”

“I’ve done my utmost!” the manager tells the businessman. However, the target has been failed. “So, what are we doing? Do we risk failure or do we engage to be successful in our job?” answers the businessman.

We often face life’s tasks with superficiality, as if we would always had a second chance.  What if we hadn’t? Why should we run the risk? We all know that our most precious treasure is time, but only real professionals realize that it must be used at its best. They face the hardest problems, examine all options, give out all their energies and, if they need it, they asks for help to solve a predicament.

Success has no alternatives, you can’t stop until you reach it. Success teams are made of people who engage 100% and they are sure the others will do the same, because together they can get much more.

To face mediocrity use excellence, alone or together, just believe in it and pursue it till the end. The amount of time is the same in both cases, but the results is absolutely different.

The greatest defeat for a human being is given by the discrepancy between the potential capacity to hit a target and what has actually been achieved.


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