To the last breath

“A sign for each breath, a sign for each blink of an eye”

Have your ever done things as if they were the last left in your life?

If not, have you ever acted like that for the what you love the most?

If you ever did, you’ll easily understand what I’m going to write. All the others should start instead, right now.

Adrenaline is high, most of people get to that point for reasons beyond their will, maybe an illness and often it is already too late. Other people face failures that can turn dreams into a nightmare. In those moments, everything seems to fall apart, we feel lonely and nobody seems to understand us; we isolate from the world with the false hope that everything will sort out by itself, with no consequences. In fact, difficulties increase problems, at first they are like new-born crying babies, but can turn into unbeatable giants.

These moments come, sooner or later. We make the difference, preventing them first of all but also facing them with the right mindset. We all know what is good and what is wrong: if we don’t, we may ask people we trust or life itself, which can give us all the answers.

The most important thing is choosing between right or wrong. If we choose right, sometimes life may be steep and hard but then we’ll enjoy it and become stronger till we reach our goal. Turning towards positive habits is the hall to Success. If we chose wrong, negative habits are the hall to Failure, that opens up to a cliff. Being at the heart of your life means choosing the right thing, taking on this responsibility and live every opportunity to the fullest, giving our best, as it was our last thing on this earth. An ode to the masters of their own destiny. The result will be Success, as the ongoing fulfilment of our ideals. I do believe it. ANdrea.

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