“Talent, Passion and Realization”

Follow your passion until the end and never give it up.

It takes courage, told me a mature woman during an interview, as she exposed her life and what she had obtained. She was well aware of the reason why she lived and the potential she would give the world sharing this notion.

The fear to engage in such an important and challenging path, without the know-how for such a career was blocking and consuming her. People around her who knew her power would appreciate her and encourage her to share it, but she was scared and was still hiding behind a normal life. Her consciousness was blocked on the threshold of a special life. We talked for hours and then she was suddenly enlightened: she had needed everything she had done so far to be ready here and now. The trigger the set her energy free was the opportunity to share her gift with the whole world, to make it a better place. She would give unconditionally. Courage had overtaken her, no more fears, she was now ready to follow the path for her Success, as a realization of the ideas developed in her life.

Everyone of us has a reason to live, we must devote to it empowering our talent, we must love it and turn it into our daily life. In this way, realization is possible for everyone of us to share it with the others and make this life better.

Talent, Passion, Realization, a good receipt for all gourmets of life.


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