Hidden energy

“Our greatest power lies in our greatest weakness”

The moment you are the strongest, indeed your are the weakest.

It is really so, sometimes we engage so much in what we believe and lose sight of the reason why we are doing it. We act like working machines, believing that everything we do will help us reach any of our goals. We’re approaching our target, we’re tasting that sweet emotion, but then our mind gets clouded. We are scared, we feel like what we are doing is no good at all. I’ve been there many times and I could never understand the reason why. The answer came as I risked losing one of the most important things in my life. These moments help us realize what is really important: if what we are doing is not that worthy, strange feelings arise.

The reason why we are here on this earth is extraordinary and we have the pleasure, and the honour, to pursue it. The meaning goes beyond the single satisfaction but involves all the people around us, the near and the far ones. Only understanding this premise and if we are ready to give our best to make it, then everything is possible and our fears turn into challenges to be overcome for the common good. Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Pope Karol Wojtyla and many more have paved the way for us. Let’s not be afraid of greatness and let’s offer our essence to something bigger than us. Let’s do it for our community, for the world, to make it a  better and fairer place to live.

Through fears we become aware of what we are really looking for.


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